About the Artista

Marisa Hall Valdez

wp-1476151676810.jpgAfter taking her first painting lesson at the age of 10, Marisa fell in love with pushing paint around a canvas. Her creative mind would take her away from the Town of Anthony, TX (just west of El Paso) to Phoenix so she could attend the Art Institute. Living in Phoenix for nearly 20 years, Marisa has been inspired by the beautiful desert colors that Arizona offers. Her bright, bold paintings have been gaining in popularity and evoke feelings of whimsy infused with pop culture references and (sometimes dark) witty tones. Since leaving the corporate world in 2012 to better serve her creative mind, Marisa has had several successful solo and group shows, has a mural hanging in Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s office as part of his personal collection as well as  murals in downtown, midtown, and traveling around the valley of Phoenix. Marisa is currently a resident artist at 11th Monk3y Industries, where her creative mind is being broadened and her work is extending into t-shirt design, wood working, and other creative mediums (including flag design).

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Contact the Artista: Marisa@FatStacheStudio.com

*this Artista does NOT design tattoos for individuals.